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Table 1 Reports of recurrent C3 glomerulopathy after renal transplantation

From: A case report of recurrent C3 glomerulonephritis 18 months after renal transplantation

  Diagnosis Number ESRD Kidney transplant Recurrence Prognosis
Athanasiou Y et al (2011) [9] CFHR5 nephropathy 91 18 10 Unknown One patient had a second transplant. Eight patients are well 1 to 23 years intact (Cr 0.9 mg/dl).
Servais et al (2007) [10] Glomerulonephritis (GN) with isolated C3 deposits 19 3 2 1 No recurrence at 2 months after transplantation (C3NeF +). Recurrence at 1 month after transplantation with proteinuria and normal renal function (C3NeF −).
Olivia Boyer et al (2008) [11] Atypical hemolytic and uremic syndrome associated with CFH deficiency 2 2 2 2 C3 deposition was positive at 5 years post-transplantation.
Kidney function is stable 9 years after transplantation.
Recurrence of GN with isolated C3 deposits 5 months later after kidney transplantation and TMA 4 years later. Six years later, kidney function was stable with regular plasma therapy.
Sethi et al (2012) [1] C3 GN 12 2 2 2 Recurrence of C3 GN within 1 to 1.5 years of kidney transplantation. (One was C3NeF positive, another was C3 risk allele positive.)
Vernon KA et al (2011) [12] CFHR5 nephropathy 1 1 1 1 Right after the transplantation, persistent microscopic hematuria was observed.
  1. Abbreviations: CFHR5 complement factor H-related 5, GN glomerulonephritis, C3NeF C3 nephritic factor, CFH complement factor H, TMA thrombotic microangiopathy, C3 GN C3 glomerulonephritis