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Table 1 Characteristics of candidate renal stem/progenitor cells for cell therapy against AKI

From: Novel regenerative therapy for acute kidney injury

  Source Accessibility Supply Therapeutic effects Tumorigenicity Ethical issue Immune matching Clinical application/clinical trial Obstacles to overcome
Mesenchymal stem cells Bone marrow, adipose tissue, other tissues Moderate Limited Paracrine effects Possible None Yes Phase ll trial Variable therapeutic effects
Adult renal stem/progenitor cells Various locations in adult kidney Difficult Limited Replacement of renal tissues or cells/paracrine effects Unknown None It is up to their stable supplies None Unknown origin/unpredictable and limited supply
Renal progenitors derived from iPSCs Skin, blood, other cell type Easy Infinite Replacement of renal tissues or cells/paracrine effects Possible None Yes None Unestablished differentiation protocol