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Table 4 Risk of incidence of peritoneal leakage and/or herniation between APD and CAPD

From: Which clinical conditions are most suitable for induction of automated peritoneal dialysis?

Study (published year) Study design Setting countries Data source N (CAPD, APD) Duration of observation Results
Alliapoulos JC et al. (1984) [102] Cross-sectional study USA (N/A) Single center 10 pediatric patients and subsequently CCPD 15.0 ± 2.8 months for CAPD vs. 9.3 ± 3.2 months CAPD was higher risk than APD but Ns
del Peso G et al. (2003) [48] Retrospective observational study Spain (1995–2000) Single center 80 (72, 8) 62 with both modalities 5 years CAPD was higher risk than APD but Ns
  1. Ns. not significant differences between CAPD and CAD, N/A not available in the text