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Table 1 Effects of aldosterone in associated disorders [25]

From: Mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists in dialysis patients

Effects of aldosterone Myocardial fibrosis and remodeling
Vascular injury and fibrosis
Reduced vascular compliance
Impaired baroreceptor function
Endothelial dysfunction
Catecholamine potentiation
Ventricular arrhythmias
Progressive renal disease
K+ and Mg2+ loss
Sodium reabsorption and water retention
Prothrombotic effects (Increasing PAI-1)
Aldosterone-associated disorders Hypertension
Heart failure and cardiac hypertrophy
Ischemia and arteriosclerosis
End-stage renal disease
Peritoneal fibrosis
  1. PAI-1 plasminogen activator inhibitor-1