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Table 8 The water quality criteria for dialysis fluid of JSDT

From: Present status of renal replacement therapy at 2015 in Asian countries (Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, China, and Japan)

Attainment level:
 ▪Standard dialysis fluid
  Endotoxin: <0.050 EU/mL
  Bacteria: <100 CFU/mL
 ▪ Ultrapure dialysis fluid
  Endotoxin: <0.001 EU/mL (less than the detection limit)
  Bacteria: <0.1 CFU/mL
  1. This shows indications for dialysis system based on the quality of dialysis fluids. The standard dialysis fluid is minimum requirement for dialysis therapy. The ultrapure dialysis fluid is the dialysis fluid for the preparation of online substitution fluid