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Table 2 Comparison of various types of blood purification methods

From: Blood purification therapies in methotrexate-induced acute kidney injury: four case reports

  Column used Other conditions Average reduction ratea
HD PES-15Sα® QB 150 mL/min, 4 h 58.3 ± 6.17%
HDF PES-15Sα® QB 200 mL/min, 4 h, (Sublood®-BSG 8 L/4 h) 40.0 ± 5.63%
HP CHS-350® QB 150 mL/min, 4 h 55.3 ± 11.6%
HD + HP VPS-13HA®/PES-13Sα® (absorption column CHS-350®) QB 80–180 mL/min, 4 h 57.9 ±10.6%
  1. HD hemodialysis, HDF hemodialysis filtration, HP hemoperfusion, QB quantity of blood flow. PES-15Sα® and PES-13Sα® polyethersulfone dialyzer, VPS-13HA® vitamin E-coated polysulfone dialyzer, Hemosorba CHS-350® activated chacol column, Sublood®-BSG substitution fluid
  2. aReduction rate is calculated by dividing the difference of MTX blood concentration before and after blood purification by MTX blood concentration before blood purification