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Table 2 The regional distribution of dialysis services within private-owned facilities in Ghana

From: The geographical distribution of dialysis services in Ghana

Region Private facilities Name of facility Number of hemodialysis machines Number of patients Personnel in-charge of unit
Eastern No NA NA NA
Volta No NA NA NA
Greater Accra Yes Accra kidney clinic 7 23 1 nephrologist
1 medical officer
  Yes Trust Hospital 4 20 1 medical officer
  Yes Bengali clinic 5 34 1 nephrologist (locum)
1 medical officer
  Yes Meridian clinic 5 12 1 renal nurse
  Yes Ghana Canada Clinic 5 24 1 nephrologist (locum)
  Yes Ababio clinic (Labone) 3 12 1 renal nurse
Central No NA NA NA
Western No NA NA NA
Brong Ahafo No NA NA NA
Ashanti Yes Peace and Love Hospital 5 10 1 senior medical officer
  Yes Naghe Clinic 10 16 1 principal medical officer
Upper East No NA NA NA
Upper West No NA NA NA
Northern No NA NA NA
  1. NA not available