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Table 3 FGF23 and cardiac hypertrophy in CKD

From: Cardiac hypertrophy in chronic kidney disease—role of Aldosterone and FGF23

Authors n Effects of FGF23 on cardiac hypertrophy Ref.
 Gutierrez OM et al. 162 CKD Incidence of LVH (%), FGF23 < 75 RU/ml; 7%, 75–150 RU/ml, 21%, > 150 RU/ml; 25% [21]
 Faul C et al. 3070 CKD Incidence of LVH (eccentric+concentric)%, FGF23 quarfile 1; 38%, quarfile 2; 45%, quartile 3; 54%, quarfile 4; 70% [22]
 Hsu HJ et al. 124 hemodialysis Serum FGF23 level is independently associated with LVH in hemodialysis patients [118]
 Seifert Me et al. 31 CKD stage 3 The change in FGF23/klotho ratio was strongly correlated with changes in LV mass index. [119]
 Sarmento-Dias M et al. 48 peritoneal dialysis In multivariate adjusted analysis, FGF23was associated with LVMI (β = 0.298, p = 0.041), [120]
 Javanovich A et al. 2255 elderly CKD Higher FGF23 concentrations were associated with greater LVM in adjusted analyses (β = 6.71 [95% Cl 4.35–9.01] g per doubling of FGF23). [121]
 Tanaka S. et al 903 CKD stage 1 to 5 The correlation between FGF23 and LVMI was significant among those with CKD stage G1/G2, G3a, and G4. [122]
 Chue CD. et al 120 CKD stage 3 Sevelamer carbonate reduced FGF23 but failed to improve LV mass [134]
 Maizel J et al. CKD mice Sevelamer reduced serum phosphate and LV hypertrophy but not FGF23. [135]
 Yamazaki- Nakazawa A et al. CKD rats Lanthanum carbonate reduced LV weight but failed to decrease FGF23 levels. [136]