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Table 4 Iron status and FGF23

From: Cardiac hypertrophy in chronic kidney disease—role of Aldosterone and FGF23

Authors Subjects/animals, n Iron deficiency and FGF23 Ref.
 Bozentowics- Wikarek M et al. 3780 elderly Low iron levels are associated with increased FGF23 levels. FGF23 levels were nearly linearly increased by 0.285 pg/mL for each unit of serum iron decrease in patients with serum iron levels < 59 ng/mL, [144]
 Lewerin C et al. 1010 elderly FGF 47.4 μmol/L (transferrin saturation (TS) < 15%) vs 41.9 μmol/L (TS > 15%) [145]
 Braithwaite V. et al. 79 children non-CKD Iron status is a negative predictor of plasma FGF23 concentration. Improvements in iron status following iron supplementation are associated with a significant decrease in FGF23 concentration. [146]
 Deger SM et al. 73 hemodialysis There was a negative relationship between iron administration and serum iFGF23 level in a dialysis population [150]
 Yamashita K et al. 31 hemodialysis Serum FGF23 was reduced from 1820 pg/mL (342-4370) to 1240 pg/mL (214-2840) after 3-month treatment with sodium ferrous citrate. [151]
 Takeda Y, et al 27 hemodialysis Intravenous saccharated ferric oxide induces further increase in FGF23 levels. [152]
 Iguchi A et al 124 hemodialysis Serum FGF23 level decreased from 2000 pg/mL (1300-3471.4) to 1771.4 pg/mL (1142.9-2342.9) after switching from sevelamer to ferric citrate hydrate. [154]
 David V et al Mice Three-week low iron diet intake resulted in significantly increased levels of bone FGF23 mRNA. Functional iron deficiency with hepcidin injection caused increased bone expression of FGF23 mRNA. [147]
 Hanudel MR et al Adenin-induced CKD mice Eight-week adenine-containing and low iron diet intake increased the bone FGF23 mRNA levels. [148]
 Farrow EG et al. Mice Mice receiving low-iron diet had significantly elevated bone Fgf23 mRNA. [149]
 Gravesen E et al. Non-iron depleted uremic rats Intravenous iron isomaltoside and ferric carboxymaltose had no effect on plasma levels of FGF23 and phosphate. [153]