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Table 3 Charlson Age-Comorbidity Index (CACI Index)

From: Impact of amount of fluid for circulatory resuscitation on renal function in patients in shock: evaluating the influence of intra-abdominal pressure, renal resistive index, sublingual microcirculation and total body water measured by bio-impedance analysis on haemodynamic parameters for guidance of volume resuscitation in shock therapy: a protocol for the VoluKid pilot study–an observational clinical trial

Age Each decade of age ≥ 50 years is equivalent to a 1-point increase in comorbidity (i.e. 50–59 years = 1 point; 60–69 years = 2 points).
Metastatic solid tumour
+ 6 points
Moderate or severe liver disease + 3 points
Any non-metastatic solid tumour
Malignant lymphoma
Diabetes with end organ damage
Moderate or severe renal disease
+ 2 points
Diabetes without end organ failure
Mild liver disease
Ulcer disease
Connective tissue disease
Chronic pulmonary disease
Cerebrovascular disease
Peripheral vascular disease
Congestive heart failure
Myocardial infarction
+ 1 point
  1. Based on the CACI score, the relative risk of death can be estimated