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Table 2 Summary of previous reports regarding protein-energy wasting and sarcopenic dysphagia

From: Rehabilitation nutrition support for a hemodialysis patient with protein-energy wasting and sarcopenic dysphagia: a case report

Case number Author Reported year Reference Age Sex Primary disease Description of nutrition therapy Evaluation of sarcopenia
1 Mamo Y et al. 2003 [19] 18 years Man Fibrocalcific pancreatic diabetes Unknown None
2 Kalantar-Zadeh K et al. 2009 [20] 54 years Man Type 2 diabetes and CKD Unknown None
3 Ikizler TA et al. 2013 [21] 74 years Woman Gastrointestinal viral disease, type 2 diabetes and CKD Intravenous fluids and renal specific oral nutritional supplement None
4 Wakabayashi et al. 2016 [22] 71 years Man Lung cancer Rehabilitation nutrition Yes
5 Maeda et al. 2016 [23] 80 years Woman Age-related functional decline Rehabilitation nutrition Yes
6 Hashida et al. 2017 [24] 76 years Woman Tongue cancer Rehabilitation nutrition Yes
  1. Abbreviations: CKD chronic kidney disease