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Table 3 Hospitalization present condition

From: Rehabilitation nutrition support for a hemodialysis patient with protein-energy wasting and sarcopenic dysphagia: a case report

Hospitalization present condition Sarcopenia index Nutrition index
Body height 166 cm Physical function Walking was impossible MNA-SF 1 point
Dry weight 46.5 kg CC 28 cm GNRI 63
BMI 16.9 kg/m2 Grip strength Right 15 kg MIS 21 points
HDS-R 27/30 Left 18 kg Biochemical test
MMSE 25/30 Swallowing function Potassium 3.5 mEq/L
Dialysis condition MWST 2 points Phosphorus 3.3 mg/dL
Dialysis therapy Hemodialysis RSST 2/30 s Blood urea nitrogen 41.6 mg/dL
Dialysis time 4 h FILS 3 Creatinine 7.38 mg/dL
Dialyzer VPS-18HA Body function CRP 0.22 mg/dL
Blood flow rate 200 ml/min FIM 58 points Albumin 2.1 g/dL
  1. Abbreviations: CC calf circumference, CRP C-reactive protein, FIM Functional Independence Measure, FILS Food Intake LEVEL Scale, GNRI Geriatric Nutritional Risk Index, MIS malnutrition-inflammation score, MMSE Mini Mental State Examination, MWST modified water swallow test Nutritional Risk Index, MNA-SF Mini Nutritional Assessment Short Form, RSST repetitive saliva swallowing test