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Table 2 Recent KDIGO implementation activities

From: CKD 5D Asia—what is common and what is different from the West?

1. Dissemination of printed guideline supplements at major nephrology Congresses from the KDIGO booth in exhibit hall
2. Translations—multiple language translations of both full text and executive summary
3. Educational Symposia—live, expert presentations on KDIGO guidelines, usually held in collaboration with local, regional, or international nephrology societies to explain the recommendations and science behind them
4. Implementation tools—development of educational materials based on KDIGO guidelines, including speaker’s guides, reference tools, and webinars
5. Implementation summits—a new KDIGO program designed to help implement a KDIGO guideline in a specific region or country, taking into account local issues such as insurance, reimbursement policies, and local guidelines
6. KDIGO app—access to all KDIGO guidelines on the Smartphone app, available for free download from the iTunes Store and Google Play