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Table 2 Indication criteria of IDPN proposed in guidelines

From: A case of refeeding syndrome during intradialytic parenteral nutrition

  BC Renal Agency 2007, updated in 2014 The German Society of Nutrition 2009 European Best Practice Guidelines on hemodialysis from ERA-EDTA 2007
Serum albumin 3-month average < 3.4 g/dL 3-month average < 3.4 g/dL  
Weight loss > 10% of IBW or UBW > 10% of IBW or 20% of UBW  
SGA B or C indicating moderate to severe malnutrition C indicating severe malnutrition  
Oral protein intake < 1.0 g/kg < 0.8 g/kg > 0.8 g protein/kg IBW
Oral calories intake < 25 kcal/kg, can take ≥ 50% of needs orally < 25 kcal/kg > 20 kcal/kg IBW
Others Documented diagnosis of a gastrointestinal disorder 3-month rolling average predialysis serum creatinine < 8.0 mg/dL  
  1. BC Renal Agency, British Columbia Renal Agency, ERA-EDTA European Renal Association–European Dialysis and Transplant Association, IBW ideal body weight, SGA subjective global assessment, UBW usual body weight