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Table 1 Prescribed dose for a treatment in CRRT in CVVHDF mode with anticoagulant

From: Cost analysis of blood purification: a tool for decision-making and supply chain optimization

Qb Blood flow 150 mL/min
Cp Weight loss 100 mL/h
Qd Dialysate flow 1300 mL/h
Qinf Replacement fluid flow (pre-post) 2000 mL/h
Qef Effluent flow 3400 mL/h
QNa3 Citrate flow mL/h To be determined
Qe Heparin diluted flow 1000 UI/h
Qpr Protamine diluted flow 10 mg/h
Qp Prostacyclin diluted flow (epoprostenol) 20,000 ng/h