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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of recipients with cystinuria after kidney transplantation

From: Successful pre-emptive kidney transplantation in a cystinuria patient with nephrolithiasis-related end-stage renal disease

Patient Underlying disease Age (years) Sex KTx Cystinuria recurrence Follow-up Reference
Case 1 Cystinuria 28 M NA No 1 year and 8 months Kelly et al. [6]
Case 2 Cystinuria 38 M DDKT NA Rejection (POD 10) Hoitsma et al. [7]
Case 3 Cystinuria 20s M LDKT No 3 years and 6 months Tuso et al. [8]
Case 4 Cystinuria 46 F DDKT No NA Krizek et al. [9]
  1. NA not available, DDKT deceased donor kidney transplantation, LDKT living donor kidney transplantation, POD post-operative days