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Table 1 Physical findings and laboratory data upon admission

From: Successful full-term delivery in a patient with maintenance hemodialysis using natriuretic peptides as volume markers without X-ray examination: a case report and literature review

Physical findingsBlood chemistry 
 Height165.0 cm TP6.8 g/dL HbA1c5.3%
 Body weight49.0 kg (DW) Alb4.2 g/dL PT11.7 s
 Na134 mEq/L APTT33.1 s
 K4.6 mEq/L BNP (pre-HD)49 pg/mL
 Blood pressure144/91 mmHg Cl98 mEq/L
 Ca9.6 mg/dL ANP (post-HD)102 pg/mL
 Pulse rate70/min P5.4 mg/dL
 UA4.8 mg/dL Intact PTH398 pg/mL
 BUN42 mg/dL
 Cr8.4 mg/dL
 T-Bil0.3 mg/dL
Complete blood count AST9 U/LEchocardiography
 WBC4900/μL ALT5 U/L EF66%
 RBC4.06 × 106/μL LDH115 U/L LVDd44.3 mm
 Hemoglobin11.0 g/dL γ-GTP26 U/L LVDs25.1 mm
 IVSTd9.0 mm
 ALP170 U/L %FS41.5%
 Hematocrit34.2% CK48 U/L
 CO4.1 L/min
 Platelet144 × 103/μL
 Glucose111 mg/dL IVC insp/exp9.9/20.2 mm
 Pericardial fluid(+−)