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Table 2 Case reports on delivery with maintenance hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis

From: Successful full-term delivery in a patient with maintenance hemodialysis using natriuretic peptides as volume markers without X-ray examination: a case report and literature review

AuthorsYearAge at conceptionDuration of HD or PDPregnancy-confirmed GAIntensive dialysisDry weight gainedGA at birth (weeks + days)Weight of birthPregnancy-related complications in patientComplications in neonate
Matsuo et al. (present report)201938 years old1-year HD5 GA4–6 sessions (> 20 h in total) per week0.3–0.5 kg/week, measurement of ANP and BNP372372 gHypertensionLBW
Cao et al. [23]201834  years old4-year HD16 GA20 h per week0.5 kg/week31 + 41700 gHypertension, polyhydramniosPrematurity, LBW
Choi et al. [24]201837 years old1-year PD7 GAFive 2-L exchanges per dayNo description27 + 41060 g Prematurity, VLBW
Akbari et al. [25]201633 years old8-year kidney transplant and then 3-month HD6 GASix sessions (45 h in total) per weekNo description352012 gHypertensionLBW
Chang et al. [26]201638 years old5-year HD20 GAFive sessions (20 h in total) per week0.12 kg/week36 + 52460 g LBW
40 years old8.3-year HD12 GASix sessions (24 h in total) per week0.21 kg/week29 + 31252 gPE, PROMPrematurity, VLBW
32 years old8-year HD6 GASix sessions (24 h in total) per week0.37 kg/week27 + 31090 gPE, polyhydramniosPrematurity, VLBW
37 years old2-year HD18 GAThree sessions (12 h in total) per week0.28 kg/week37 + 32330 g LBW
Yu et al. [27]201522 years old6-year HD22 GADaily 4-h HDNo description34 + 41470 gPolyhydramniosVLBW
Jung et al. [28]201438 years old3-year HD8 GA4–5 sessions 4-h HD per week0.5 kg/week34.52100 gPostpartum cardiomyopathyLBW
Thompson et al. [29]201130 years oldNone, initiated at 9 GA7 GASix sessions 6-h HD per week0.45 kg/week393000 g  
  1. RRT renal replacement therapy, GA gestational age, PE preeclampsia, HT hypertension, LBW low birth weight, VLBW very low birth weight, C-section cesarean section