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Table 1 Characteristics of included studies

From: Outcomes after peritoneal dialysis catheter placement by laparoscopic surgery versus open surgery: systematic review and meta-analysis

Study Methods Participants
Design Randomization method Study follow-up periods Country Setting Relevant health status No. randomized (laparoscopic/open surgery) Mean age, years (SD) (laparoscopic/open surgery) Sex M/F (laparoscopic/open surgery) Exclusion criteria
Wright et al. [5] RCT Sealed envelopes 24 months United Kingdom Tertiary referral renal unit ESRD patients commencing PD 21/24 46.4 (14.8)/49.3 (20.2) (14/7)/(15/9) Not stated
Gadallah et al. [4] Quasi RCT Alternate month 3 years USA SH a Not stated 76/72 45.0 (1.8)/47.2 (2.4) (37/39)/(22/34) Not stated
Tsimoyiannis et al. [6] RCT Sealed envelopes 4–36 months (mean 21 ± 10) Greece SH a Not stated 25/20 58 (not stated)/62 (not stated) (18/7)/(16/4) Problem for general anesthesia
Xu et al. [8] RCT Not stated Laparoscopy group
9.96 ± 5.15 months
Open laparotomy group
9.85 ± 4.10 months
China SH a ESRD patients who received PD catheter insertion for the first time 25/25 53.68 (14.63)/59.20 (16.80) (16/9)/(17/8) Having severe cardio-pulmonary involvement, multiple laparotomy, hernia and pelvic or intraperitoneal infection and masses
Jwo et al. [7] RCT Not stated Laparoscopy group
average 16.4 months
Open laparotomy group
average 16.2 months
Taiwan SHa Not stated 37/40 56.65 (13.39)/54.43 (16.49) (12/25)/(18/22) Intolerant to spinal/general anesthesia
Qiao et al. [9] RCT Not stated 24 months China SHa Patients who received catheter insertion for the first time and commencing PD 58/58 Overall 47.64 (13.73) c Overall 62/54b Having severe cardiopulmonary dysfunction, malignancy, abdominal wall defects, and pelvic or intraperitoneal infection.
van Laanen et al. [10] RCT Sealed envelopes 4 weeks Netherlands Outpatient clinic asking for participation
Patients with ESRD who were suitable for PD and gave informed consent 46/44 62.6 (14.1)/64.5 (14.1) (29/17)/(24/20) Refusal to participate
  1. Abbreviation: RCT randomized control trial, SH single hospital, PD peritoneal dialysis, ESRD end-stage renal disease, SD standard deviation, VCM vancomycin, CTRX ceftriaxone, CEZ cefazolin
  2. aNo information about the details of settings
  3. bThe number of cases per group was not reported
  4. cMean and standard deviation per group were not reported