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Table 2 Proportions of AVG patients with a tunneled permanent catheter and their postoperative course

From: The use of a tunneled permanent catheter as temporary vascular access in arteriovenous graft patients for long-term patency

No Graft Patient demography Postoperative course
Age Sex Cause of renal failure Catheter First cannulation Catheter removal Complications Follow up
1 Propaten 49 M IgA nephropathy Bio-Flex Tesio 36 days 44 days 956 days
2 Thoratec (Vectra) 80 F Unknown Split Stream 21 days 28 days Stenosis (PTA) 778 days
3 Advanta 37 M Purpura nephritis Split Stream 57 days 58 days Seroma 592 days
4 Advanta 74 F Nephrosclerosis Split Stream 94 days 105 days Stenosis (PTA) 564 days
  1. PTA percutaneous transluminal angioplasty