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Table 4 Medical groups who trained dialysis therapy in Japan

From: Can we still ignore renal replacement therapy in sub-Saharan Africa? All living beings are created equal

 CountryYear of training in JapanExperience of hemodialysis
1MozambiqueAugust 08no
2MozambiqueAugust 09a little
3DjiboutiFebruary 10no
4EritreaJuly 10no
5SwazilandJuly 10no
6RwandaJuly 10a little
7ZambiaAugust 10a little
8CameroonSeptember 10well
9TanzaniaNovember 10no
10GuineaAugust 11well
11UgandaSeptember 11a little
12Cote d’IvoireSeptember 11no
13RwandaSeptember 11a little
14MalawiDecember 11a little
15MauritaniaDecember 11well
16LesothoFebruary 12a little
17TogoFebruary 12well
18GhanaJune 12a little
19GhanaJune 13a little
20LiberiaJune 13no
21TanzaniaAugust 13a little
22DR CongoJuly 15no
23Burkina FasoJanuary 18well