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Table 6 Summary of 7 kidney transplantation cases

From: Can we still ignore renal replacement therapy in sub-Saharan Africa? All living beings are created equal

 RecipientCDCFlowPRA Donor
Date of KTAgeSexBlood typeCause of ESRDHLA mismatchT cellB cellClass 1Class 2Latest Cr (μmol/L)AgeSexBlood typeRelation
1March 1851MO Rh+DM, HT3/6NegNeg20%20%15745FO Rh+sister
2August 1846FAB Rh+DM, HT4/6NegND8%3%97.348FB Rh+sister
3August 1827FO Rh+HT, RAS6/6NegND7%6%89.254MO Rh+uncle
4August 1848MO Rh+DM, HT0/6NegND29%19%10841MO Rh+brother
5March 1952MO Rh+DM, HT3/6NegNeg5%0%79.624MO Rh+son
6March 1957MO Rh+DM, HT2/6NegNeg2%0%11154MO Rh+brother
7March 1936MO Rh+CGN2/6NegNeg3%0%10546MO Rh+brother
  1. CDC complement dependent cytotoxicity, PRA panel reactive antibody, KT kidney transplantation, ESRD endo-stage renal disease, HLA human leukocyte antigen, Cr creatinine, DM diabetes mellitus, HT hypertension, Neg negative, ND not done, RAS renal artery stenosis, CGN chronic glomerulonephritis, Latest Cr were measured in July 2019