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Table 3 Renal factors relevant to prognosis of HIV-infected patients in Japan

From: A high likelihood of increase in end-stage renal disease among the Japanese HIV-infected population

ParameterRisk (HR [95% CI])Outcomes
The CGA classificationOrange + red (2.74 [1.21–5.86])Composite outcomes
Albuminuria (ACR)20 mg/gCreatinine ≤ (NA)Composite outcomes
Serum cystatin C level1.0 mg/L ≤ (6.09 [1.30–24.6])Incidence of cancer
Urinary concentration of tubular biomarkersElevation of two or more biomarker concentrations (NA)Future decrease in eGFR
  1. Composite outcomes include all-cause mortality, incidence of cardiovascular disease, or ≥ 25% decline in eGFR
  2. ACR urinary albumin to creatinine ratio, Cr creatinine, eGFR estimated glomerular filtration rate, HR hazard ratio, CI confidence interval, NA not applicable