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Table 5 Step backward logistic multivariable model of high self-reported total dialysis symptom score compared to low total dialysis scores

From: Falls in systolic blood pressure during dialysis which require no nursing intervention are associated with increased patient intra-dialytic symptom self-reporting and prolonged post-dialysis recovery times

VariableβStE βWaldOR95% OR CLp
Distress thermometer score0.300.0471.91.341.26–1.44< 0.001
Male vs female gender− 1–090.2126.30.340.22–0.51< 0.001
Age years−–0.990.033
SBP < 100 mmHg0.940.454.22.531.04–6.140.040
  1. Only statistically significant variables listed. Standard error β (StE β ), odds ratio (OR), 95% odds ratio confidence limits (CL). Nagelkerke r2 = 0.32