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Table 5 Results of logistic regression analysis with the self-rated health (good vs poor) as dependent

From: A new assessment scale for post-dialysis fatigue in hemodialysis patients

VariablesModel 1 Model 2 
 OR95% CIpOR95% CIp
Age (years)0.97(0.93–1.01)0.1840.98(0.92–1.03)0.335
Male (ref.)1  1  
Diabetes mellitus      
No diabetes (ref.)1  1  
Cardiovascular diseases      
No cardiovascular diseases (ref.)1  1  
Cardiovascular diseases0.75(0.19–2.43)0.6491.31(0.30–5.14)0.707
Fatigue from before the dialysis      
No (ref.)1  1  
Physical functioning0.97(0.95–1.00)0.0171(0.97–1.03)0.775
PDF scale score   1.13(1.06–1.21)<0.001
R20.08  0.23  
AIC116.76  102.16  
  1. Values are given as OR (95% confidence interval). OR odds ratio, PDF scale score post dialysis fatigue scale score