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Table 1 Patient background

From: Efficacy and safety of elobixibat in hemodialysis patients with chronic constipation: a retrospective study

Number of patients (male/female) (n)23 (11/12)
Age (years)72.2 ± 8.5
Height (cm)155.61 ± 11.35
Body weight (kg)52.01 ± 12.05
Hemodialysis duration (years)6.0 (1.0, 35.0)
History of hemodialysis 
 Diabetic nephropathy9
 Chronic glomerulonephritis8
 Polycystic kidney2
 Angina pectoris7
  1. Category data are expressed as real values, and continuous values as mean ± SD or median (min, max). Complications include duplication