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Table 1 Laboratory findings

From: A hemodialysis patient with Mycobacterium avium complex pericarditis in which remarkable presepsin elevation was not accompanied by procalcitonin elevation

BloodPericardial effusion
Complete blood countLaboratory examination
 WBC9160 /μL LD866 IU/L
 RBC318 x 104 /μL TP5.7 g/dL
 Hb9.3 g/dL Alb2.5 g/dL
 Ht29.7 % WBC4320 /μL
 Plt19.5 x 104 /μL Lymphocytes 53.5 %
ImmunologyMycobacterium culture
 hsCRP13.50 mg/dLMycobacterium avium complex
 HCV-Ab(-) No malignancy
 RPR (Syphilis)(-)  
 LD239 IU/L  
 TP7.4 g/dL  
 Alb3.0 g/dL  
Mycobacterium culture