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Table 1 Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale

From: Influence of unstable psychological condition on the quality of life of hemodialysis patients

A item
 Q1. I feel tense or wound up:
 Q3. I get a sort of frightened feeling as if something awful is about to happen:
 Q5. Worrying thoughts go through my mind:
 Q7. I can sit at ease and feel relaxed:
 Q9. I get a sort of frightened feeling like “butterflies” in the stomach:
 Q11. I feel restless as if I have to be on the move:
 Q13. I get sudden feelings of panic:
D item
 Q2. I still enjoy the things I used to enjoy:
 Q4. I can laugh and see funny side of things:
 Q6. I feel cheerful:
 Q8. I feel as if I am slowed down:
 Q10. I have lost interest in my appearance:
 Q12. I look forward with enjoyment to things
 Q14. I can enjoy a good book or radio or TV program: