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Table 1 Laboratory findings recorded on the first day of admission

From: Improvement of multiple intraperitoneal nodules resembling peritoneal cancer that developed after peritoneal dialysis-related peritonitis caused by Mycobacterium abscessus with literature review: granuloma or carcinoma

Laboratory findings at the 1st admission
UrinalysisT-Bil0.2 mg/dLSerology 
Protein(3+)LDH295 IU/LCRP25.30 mg/dL
Occult blood(1+)CK252 IU/LIgG735 mg/dL
WBC(−)TP4.9 g/dLIgA256 mg/dL
bacteria(−)Alb1.9 g/dLIgM108 mg/dL
CBC BUN50.7 mg/dLProcalcitonin1.66 ng/mL
WBC13,900/μLCre7.72 mg/dLCoagulation
RBC375 × 10^4/μLT-Cho220 mg/dLAPTT34.6 s
Hb11.2 g/dLLDL-Cho141 mg/dLPT89.70%
Hct33.80%TG63 mg/dLD-dimer3.8 μg/mL
Plt37.1 × 10^4/μLNa133 mEq/LEffluent 
BiochemicalK4.8 mEq/LWBC200/μL
AST14 IU/LCl96 mEq/LNeutrophil75%
ALT9 IU/LGlucose118 mg/dL