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Table 2 Present reported cases of peritoneal dialysis-related infections caused by Mycobacterium abscessus

From: Improvement of multiple intraperitoneal nodules resembling peritoneal cancer that developed after peritoneal dialysis-related peritonitis caused by Mycobacterium abscessus with literature review: granuloma or carcinoma

ReferenceYearNumber of PD-related infectionNumber of catheter removalNumber of restarting PD after catheter removal
Ono et al. [8]2018220
Inoue et al. [7]2018210
Yoshimura et al. [9]2018110
Mooren et al. [10]2017110
Hibi et al. [3]2017110
Yang et al. [11]2015220
Jiang et al. [12]2013330
Tsai [13]2013100
Lo et al. [14]2013642
Jo et al. [15]2012111
Siddiqi et al. [16]2012220
Renaud et al. [17]2011762
Kameyama et al. [18]2007110
Ellis et al. [19]2005111
Slagle et al. [20]1998110