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Table 2 Clinical features of previously reported pleuroperitoneal communication cases successfully treated by pleurodesis with autologous blood

From: Successful treatment of pleuroperitoneal communication with pleurodesis using autologous blood in a patient with severe heart failure undergoing peritoneal dialysis: a case report and brief literature review

SexInstilled blood volume per timeNumber of timesDuration of PD cessation after the last blood instillationAdverse effects
2138M100 mL3N.D.N.D.
1024F40 mL121 daysNone
1180F40 mL24 weeksNone
2254M100 mL124 hNone
2358M40 mL (first time)
50 mL (second time)
28 weeksNone
Present case58M50 mL15 daysNone
  1. F female, M male, N.D. not documented, PD peritoneal dialysis