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Table 1 Previous reports on intra-arterial treatment with carbon dioxide for peripheral arterial diseases in kidney transplant recipients

From: Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty with carbon dioxide for peripheral arterial disease after kidney transplantation: a case report with literature review

AuthorPt number (M/F), and mean age (range)Mean duration (range) after KTType of peripheral arterial diseasesType of treatmentMean volumes of CO2/IC (mL)Mean s-Cr before treatment (mg/dL)Mean s-Cr after treatment (mg/dL)Complications after treatment
Koratala et al. [25]1 (1/0), 430.25Stenosis of KT graft arteryBalloon AGn/a3.11.5None
Caridi et al. [26]21 (13/8), n/a (22–81)n/aStenosis of KT graft arteryBalloon AG114.6/8.5*1.22.3None
Moresco et al. [27]6 (3/3), 41 (33–53)5.25 (0.30–13)Stenosis of KT graft arteryBalloon AG20/18.3n/an/as-Cr elevated in one patient
Spinosa et al. [28]4 (4/0), 50 (36–64)n/aStenosis of KT graft artery or iliac arteryBalloon AG or stent insertion40/44**2.93.0Acute kidney injury occurred in one patient
Kuo et al. [29]1 (0/1), 441Stenosis of KT graft arteryBalloon AGn/a/02.82.1None
Cheng et al. [30]1 (0/1), 380.25AVF of KT graft after biopsyEmbolization of AVF30/92.7n/aNone
Nicolini et al. [31]3 (0/3), 35 (10–58)6.19 (2.79–10)AVF of KT graft after biopsyEmbolization of AVF20/4**4.23.5None
  1. AG angioplasty, AVF arteriovenous fistula, CO2 carbon dioxide, IC iodinated contrast medium, KT kidney transplantation, M/F male/female, n/a not available, Pt patient, PTA percutaneous transluminal angioplasty, s-Cr serum creatinine
  2. *Iodinated contrast medium was used in six patients
  3. **Gadolinium contrast medium