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Table 1 Review of the literature on clinical challenges of renal replacement therapy for patients with end-stage renal disease and systemic scleroderma

From: Kidney failure after lung transplantation in systemic scleroderma: a case report with literature review

Reference Age Sex SRC Lung Tx RRT Challenges Outcome
[20] 51 Female Yes No PD for 64 months and consequent transfer to HD for 2 years until death Displaced PD catheter, EPS, abandoned brachiocephalic AVF by thrombosis Dead
[31] 44 Female Yes No HD Venous rupture during creation of radiocephalic AVF, delayed and poor maturation of AVF, restricted blood flow rate Alive
Current case 51 Female No Yes HD Cephalic vein stenosis Alive
  1. AVF arteriovenous fistula, HD hemodialysis, PD peritoneal dialysis, RRT renal replacement therapy, SRC scleroderma renal crisis, Tx transplantation