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Table 1 Summary of the dialysis prescription before and during pregnancy

From: Intensified hemodialysis for complicated pregnancy in a primigravida with advanced maternal age: a case report with literature review focusing on appropriate hemodialysis management during pregnancy

  Before pregnancy During pregnancy
Dialysis modality Hemodiafiltration (post-dilution) Hemodialysis
Dialyzer NV-21X polysulfone dialyzer (Toray medical) APS-21SA polysulfone dialyzer (Asahi medical)
Dialysate Kindaly 4E (FUSO Pharmaceutical) Kindaly AF2 (FUSO Pharmaceutical)
Blood flow rate (mL/min) 200 170
Dialysate flow rate (mL/min) 500 500
Substitution flow rate (L/hour) 2.7 0
Frequency of dialysis (times/week) 3 6
Duration of dialysis (hours/session) 4.5 6
Dry weight (kg) 54 62.7*
Daily Kt/V (Daugirdas equation) 1.76 1.55
Weekly Kt/V 2.47 5.51
HDP 40.5 216
  1. HDP, Hemodialysis product
  2. *The day before delivery