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Table 1 Laboratory findings on admission

From: A case report with a literature review: cerebral meningioma diagnosed by convulsion and consciousness disorder on initiating hemodialysis

Blood gas analysis (room air)ChemistryImmunological tests
pH7.004Total protein6.6 g/dLANA<40
pCO215.1Albumin3.3 g/dLMPO-ANCA0.7 IU/mL
PO257.6BUN287.2 mg/dLPR3-ANCA0.7 IU/mL
HCO33.7Creatinine32.98 mg/dLAnti-GBM antibody2.2 IU/mL
Base excess− 25.3Uric acid11.9 mg/dLIntact-PTH220 pg/dL
Anion gap39.2Sodium150 mEq/LPSA2.8 ng/mL
Lactate3.3Potassium7.3 mEq/L  
  Chloride114 mEq/L  
Blood Calcium6.1 mg/dL  
 WBC count9890/μLPhosphorus14.9 mg/dL  
 RBC count197 × 104/μLAST17 U/L  
 Hemoglobin5.8 g/dLALT22 U/L  
 Hematocrit17.6%LDH544 U/L  
 MCV89.3 fLFe166 μg/dL  
 MCHC33%Ferritin736 ng/mL  
 Platelet count18.8 × 104/μLCRP0.54 mg/dL  
  Glucose126 mg/dL  
  1. ANCA antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody, HbA1c hemoglobin A1c, MPO myeloperoxidase, PR-3 proteinase-3, PSA prostate-specific antigen, PTH parathyroid hormone, ANA antinuclear antibody, GBM glomerular basement membrane