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Table 7 Correlation between biochemical tests together and biochemical tests and genetic testing in inherited tubulointerstitial kidney disease and inherited renal hypouricemia

From: Prevalence of inherited changes of uric acid levels in kidney dysfunction including stage 5 D and T: a systematic review

Statistical analysis ITIKD iRHUC Interpretation
Correlation between SCr and sUA No correlation (p value 0.26) No correlation (p value 0.07) Effect of sUA changes on kidney dysfunction and effect of kidney dysfunction on sUA levels changes
Correlation between SCr and FEUA No correlation (p value 0.139) No correlation (p value 0.27) Effect of FEUA changes on kidney dysfunction and effect of kidney dysfunction on FEUA changes
Correlation between eGFR and sUA No correlation (p value 0.175) Effect of decreased eGFR on sUA changes
Correlation between Hb and sUA levels No correlation (p value 0.72)   
Correlation between sUA and exon region No correlation (p value 0.30) Presence of correlation (p value 0.037) Effect of exon region of UMOD and SCL2A9 gene mutations on changes of sUA levels
  1. eGFR estimated glomerular filtration rate, FEUA fractional excretion of uric acid, Hb hemoglobin, iRHUC inherited renal hypouricemia, ITIKD inherited tubulointerstitial kidney disease, SCr serum creatinine, sUA serum uric acid, UMOD uromodulin