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Table 3 Estimated coefficient and assigned points for each predictor

From: A clinical nomogram for the prediction of early mortality in elderly patients initiating dialysis for end-stage renal disease

 β coefficientHazard ratioValues of variableAbsolute maximum β valueRankAssigned point
Serum albumin g/dl− 0.4530.6341.1 to 4.1 by 0.11.359365
Congestive heart failure0.5911.8060.10.591928
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease0.8952.4740.10.895443
Cardiovascular disease0.4671.5940.10.4671022
Peripheral vascular disease0.7062.0260.10.706634
Malignant tumor (no metastasis)0.6911.9950.10.691733
Metastatic malignant tumor2.0904.6680.12.0901100
Karnofsky Performance Status− 0.0180.981100 to 20 by 101.440269
Fracture within 12 months0.6171.8530.10.617830