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Table 1 Strategies and costs of assistance

From: Assisted peritoneal dialysis: strategies and outcomes

Country Type of asPD provided Paid caregiver Costs
France [20] CAPD/ APD Private nurse reimbursed directly by the French Healthcare insurance CAPD: 23,400 € /patient/year
  (up to 4 visits/daily)   APD: 18,200 € /patient/year
Denmark [22] APD (up to 2 visits daily) Community nurses or nursing home staff APD: 54 €/hourly
    16,178 € /patient/year
Canada, Ontario [20] CAPD/APD (up to 2 visits/day) Home care nurses Additional cost of providing assistance 12,000 $ CA (median 4.6 visits/week)
Belgium [11] CAPD/APD Registered nurses (reimbursed by patient’s health insurance provider) CAPD: 9360 € /patient/year (regardless the number of exchanges)
    APD: 5356 € /patient/year (for 2 visits/day)
Spain (Canary island) [11] CAPD/APD Nurses 20 €/ day (7280 €/patients/year)
Italy (Milano) [28] CAPD/APD Health care workers publicly paid  
United Kingdom [27] APD (1 visit/daily) Health care workers  
Canada, British Columbia [23] APD Trained caregiver with no prerequisite of clinical or heath care certification Additional cost of providing assistance 15,000 $ CA
Italy (Alba) [30] APD/CAPD Video dialysis  
China [27,28,29] CAPD Family members, domestic workers (paid by the employer), nursing home staff  
  1. AsPD: assisted peritoneal dialysis; CAPD: continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis; APD: automated peritoneal dialysis