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Table 4 Freedom from events of MPI

From: Coronary artery disease screening and prognosis in incident dialysis patients

  Crude Propensity score adjusted
  HR 95 % CI p value HR 95 % CI p value
All cause of death 0.581a 0.352–0.959a 0.034a 0.568 0.347–0.932 0.025
Cardiac death 0.419b 0.157–1.118b 0.082b 0.491 0.175–1.377 0.177
  1. CRP c-reactive protein, SBP systolic blood pressure, eGFR estimated glomerular filtration rate, RAS renin angiotensin system
  2. aAdjusted by age, SBP, albumin, hemoglobin, eGFR, calcium, CRP, and RAS inhibitor
  3. bAdjusted by age, eGFR, and CRP, MPI myocardial perfusion imaging