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  1. Content type: Research

    Although individuals undergoing maintenance hemodialysis are a major sarcopenic population, there are few methods to assess their skeletal muscle mass conveniently. Here, we investigated the usefulness of seru...

    Authors: Homare Shimohata, Marina Yamashita, Kentaro Ohgi, Ryuji Tsujimoto, Hiroshi Maruyama, Mamiko Takayasu, Kouichi Hirayama and Masaki Kobayashi

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2019 5:23

    Published on:

  2. Content type: Review

    Vascular access failure (VAF) is a critical problem in patients undergoing hemodialysis (HD). Importantly, VAF impairs the quality of life in patients undergoing HD while imposing high medical costs. A variety...

    Authors: Hiroyuki Tsukada, Motonobu Nakamura, Tomohito Mizuno, Nobuhiko Satoh and Masaomi Nangaku

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2019 5:22

    Published on:

  3. Content type: Research

    On-line hemodiafiltration (OL-HDF) has been generally provided mainly by the postdilution method in Europe and the rest of the world; however, in Japan, it has been provided mostly by the predilution method in...

    Authors: Yusaku Tanaka, Hiroyuki Michiwaki, Hirofumi Asa, Daisuke Hirose, Tomohiro Tao and Jun Minakuchi

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2019 5:21

    Published on:

  4. Content type: Research

    The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of prolonged direct hemoperfusion using polymyxin B immobilized fiber cartridges (PMX-DHP) on interleukin-6 (IL-6) concentration in patients with septic shock.

    Authors: Kyohei Miyamoto, Yu Kawazoe, Shigeo Negi, Naoaki Shibata, Atsuhiro Ogawa, Nozomu Shima, Kosei Kunitatsu, Yukihiro Shima, Nobuko Yamamoto, Masahiro Kaneko, Maki Kida, Masaou Tanaka, Masaki Ohya, Takashi Shigematsu and Seiya Kato

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2019 5:20

    Published on:

  5. Content type: Case Report

    Calciphylaxis, a multifactorial cutaneous vascular disease, is a rare but therapy-resistant and life-threatening disorder that usually occurs in patients with end-stage kidney disease (ESKD). Although there ha...

    Authors: Yuuki Mima, Yukihiro Wada, Yasuto Shikida, Toma Hamada, Nobuhiro Kanazawa, Ayana Iida, Motonori Sugiyama and Takanori Shibata

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2019 5:19

    Published on:

  6. Content type: Review

    The widening gap between organ availability and need is resulting in a worldwide crisis, particularly concerning kidney transplantation. Regenerative medicine options are becoming increasingly advanced and are...

    Authors: Nicholas M. Wragg, Liam Burke and Samantha L. Wilson

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2019 5:18

    Published on:

  7. Content type: Research

    Ferritin is a well-known marker of iron deficiency anemia, but the target in maintenance hemodialysis (MHD) patients remains controversial. This study examined the association between baseline ferritin levels ...

    Authors: Raku Son, Takuya Fujimaru, Takeshi Kimura, Fumika Taki, Miyuki Futatsuyama, Masahiko Nagahama, Masaaki Nakayama and Yasuhiro Komatsu

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2019 5:17

    Published on:

  8. Content type: Case Report

    The patient was a 72-year-old woman who had been under dialysis for a long time to chronic renal failure of unknown etiology. Her dialysis vintage was 22 years. She was under treatment with cinacalcet for seco...

    Authors: Yoshiyuki Oshiro, Takumu Nitta and Masaki Oomoto

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2019 5:16

    Published on:

  9. Content type: Research

    It is necessary to define the problem of acute kidney injury (AKI) after non-cardiac surgery in order to design interventions to prevent AKI. The study aimed to evaluate the occurrence, determinants and outcom...

    Authors: Taiwo Akeem Lawal, Yemi Raheem Raji, Samuel Oluwole Ajayi, Adebowale Dele Ademola, Adeyinka Francis Ademola, Omobolaji O. Ayandipo, Tinuola Adigun, Olakayode Olaolu Ogundoyin, Dare Isaac Olulana, Adanze Onyenonachi Asinobi and Babatunde Lawal Salako

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2019 5:15

    Published on:

  10. Content type: Research

    Dialysis is a life-sustaining treatment, but many patients suffer symptoms during dialysis and take time to recover. Previous reports have linked recovery time to intra-dialytic hypotension and rapid solute cl...

    Authors: Suree Yoowannakul, Kamonwan Tangvoraphonkchai and Andrew Davenport

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2019 5:14

    Published on:

  11. Content type: Case Report

    Schistocytosis, which is often observed in thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP) patients, is a rare complication in myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) patients.

    Authors: Masahiro Okabe, Daisuke Nakashima, Nanae Matsuo, Yukio Maruyama and Takashi Yokoo

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2019 5:13

    Published on:

  12. Content type: Review

    Since 2015, the Committee for International Communication on Academic Research of the Japanese Society for Dialysis Therapy has held its Asian symposium during the society’s Annual Congress to discuss the pres...

    Authors: Toru Hyodo, Masafumi Fukagawa, Nobuhito Hirawa, Matsuhiko Hayashi, Kosaku Nitta, Sovandy Chan, Phanekham Souvannamethy, Minjur Dorji, Chuluuntsetseg Dorj and I. Gde Raka Widiana

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2019 5:12

    Published on:

  13. Content type: Case Report

    A spontaneous iliopsoas muscle hematoma is relatively rare and often associated with abnormal coagulation. Nafamostat mesilate is an anticoagulant agent that is sometimes used to treat hemodialysis patients at...

    Authors: Kunihisa Nezu, Takashi Yoshioka, Hiromichi Katayama, Taro Fukushi and Atsushi Kyan

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2019 5:11

    Published on:

  14. Content type: Review

    We introduced criteria for the clinical diagnosis of dialysis-related amyloidosis (DRA) from the Amyloidosis Research Group study supported by a Grant-in-Aid from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of ...

    Authors: Shinichi Nishi, Suguru Yamamoto, Junichi Hoshino, Kenmei Takaichi and Hironobu Naiki

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2019 5:10

    Published on:

  15. Content type: Research

    Calcium carbonate is a first-line therapy for hyperphosphatemia in hemodialysis patients but is associated with progressive coronary and aortic calcification. Sevelamer compounds are alternatives to calcium-co...

    Authors: Takashi Akiba, Keitaro Yokoyama, Hiroki Hase, Masahide Mizobuchi, Ryoichi Ando, Shuji Sakai, Kenji Fukushima and Tadao Akizawa

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2019 5:9

    Published on:

  16. Content type: Research

    In patients undergoing home dialysis, conventionally, Kt/V has been regarded as an index of the removal efficiency per dialysis session. However, more recently, it has been considered that the hemodialysis produc...

    Authors: Kaya Murakami, Kenichi Kokubo, Minoru Hirose, Kozue Kobayashi and Hirosuke Kobayashi

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2019 5:8

    Published on:

  17. Content type: Research

    MLT-550N is a device to measure the body fluid volume based on bioimpedance spectroscopy. When extracellular water (ECW) or total body water (TBW) is measured with MLT-550N before and after hemodialysis, the c...

    Authors: Masatomo Yashiro and Hirohisa Kotera

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2019 5:7

    Published on:

  18. Content type: Research

    Selective plasma exchange (SePE) is a new simple plasma exchange (PE) modality that enables removal of small and medium-sized molecules without removing larger substances such as coagulation factors. In this s...

    Authors: Ako Hanaoka, Toshihide Naganuma, Yoshiaki Takemoto, Junji Uchida, Tatsuya Nakatani, Daijiro Kabata and Ayumi Shintani

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2019 5:6

    Published on:

  19. Content type: Research

    Hexadecyl-immobilized porous cellulose beads (HICBs) can be used to remove β2-microglobulin, as well as several inflammatory cytokines and free protein-binding uremic toxins (PBUTs). Interleukin-6 and PBUT lev...

    Authors: Naoki Suzuki, Yasumasa Hitomi, Yoshihiro Tsuji, Yusuke Sakai, Masato Nishimura, Tetsuya Hashimoto and Hiroyuki Kobayashi

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2019 5:5

    Published on:

  20. Content type: Review

    Chronic kidney disease-mineral bone disorder (CKD-MBD) is a systemic disorder of mineral and bone metabolism. In patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis (PD), serum levels of calcium (Ca), phosphate (P), and p...

    Authors: Kosaku Nitta, Norio Hanafusa and Ken Tsuchiya

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2019 5:4

    Published on:

  21. Content type: Position statement

    The number of kidney transplants has gradually increased in the last decade; it was 1742 in Japan in 2017. The outcomes have improved year by year, with the indications for transplantation expanding accordingl...

    Authors: Takashi Yagisawa, Makiko Mieno, Naotsugu Ichimaru, Ken Morita, Michio Nakamura, Kiyohiko Hotta, Takashi Kenmochi and Kenji Yuzawa

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2019 5:3

    Published on:

  22. Content type: Research

    Carnitine deficiency is common and associated with muscle atrophy in hemodialysis (HD) patients. We investigated whether carnitine levels could be an independent predictor for exercise capacity in these patients.

    Authors: Junko Yano, Yusuke Kaida, Yosuke Nakayama, Sakuya Ito, Yuka Kurokawa, Nao Nakamura, Takuma Hazama, Takashi Maeda, Ryuki Hashida, Kyoko Tashiro, Takahiro Inokuchi, Hiroo Matsuse and Kei Fukami

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2019 5:2

    Published on:

  23. Content type: Research

    For continuous venovenous hemofiltration (CVVH) to achieve an adequate therapeutic effect, prolonged stable administration and a long circuit lifetime are needed. The effects of hemofilters produced using vari...

    Authors: Yuki Nakamura, Shinya Chihara, Hiroomi Tatsumi and Yoshiki Masuda

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2019 5:1

    Published on:

  24. Content type: Case Report

    Sleep apnea syndrome (SAS) is a sleep disturbance, which is frequently comorbid in dialysis patients. SAS induces hypoxia, and therefore, systemic and cerebral oxygenation would be low. Near-infrared spectrosc...

    Authors: Kiyonori Ito, Susumu Ookawara, Mariko Fueki, Sojiro Imai, Takashi Hattori, Satoshi Kiryu, Yukari Sugai, Noriko Wada, Mitsutoshi Shindo, Yasushi Ohnishi, Noriaki Iino, Kaoru Tabei and Yoshiyuki Morishita

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2018 4:54

    Published on:

  25. Content type: Review

    For patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD), the leading cause of mortality is cardiovascular disease. One of the main novel risk factors is oxidative stress, which occurs when there is overproduction of re...

    Authors: Xiao Chun Ling and Ko-Lin Kuo

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2018 4:53

    Published on:

  26. Content type: Case Report

    Peritoneal dialysis (PD)-associated peritonitis caused by nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM), including Mycobacterium abscessus (M. abscessus), is a rare but serious complication that forces PD to be withdrawn. Se...

    Authors: Erina Ono, Eiichiro Uchino, Keita P. Mori, Hideki Yokoi, Naohiro Toda, Kenichi Koga, Masato Kasahara, Takeshi Matsubara and Motoko Yanagita

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2018 4:52

    Published on:

  27. Content type: Research

    It remains unclear whether hepatitis C virus (HCV)-infected Japanese patients on hemodialysis (HD) have an altered viral response to glecaprevir (GLE) and pibrentasvir (PIB) combination therapy and whether thi...

    Authors: Yoshiaki Tanaka, Takanori Masaki, Haruki Uojima, Takayasu Ohtake, Tomoaki Fujikawa, Yasuhiro Yamanouchi, Naohisa Wada, Kousuke Kubota, Hisashi Hidaka, Takahide Nakazawa, Akitaka Shibuya, Togo Aoyama, Ji Hyun Sung, Makoto Kako, Shuzo Kobayashi, Yasuo Takeuchi…

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2018 4:51

    Published on:

  28. Content type: Research

    Orthostatic hypotension is a risk factor for falls among chronic hemodialysis (HD) patients. This study aimed to investigate the hemodynamic response to orthostatic stress immediately after an HD session. Twen...

    Authors: Toshiyuki Mochizuki, Yoshimi Matsuo, Mayumi Sasaki, Kenichi Morihisa, Sakuyoshi Tabata, Toyofumi Fukuda and Ibuki Yajima

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2018 4:49

    Published on:

  29. Content type: Research

    Poor nutritional status and functional impairment are common in patients with end-stage renal disease (ERSD) on maintenance hemodialysis (MHD). Although nutritional status is associated with functional depende...

    Authors: Yoshitaka Shimizu, Tatsu Fujiura and Hidetaka Wakabayashi

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2018 4:48

    Published on:

  30. Content type: Case Report

    Peritoneal dialysis (PD) access is important for patients undergoing PD. However, one of the potential complications of peritoneal dialysis access is damage to the dialysis tubing. Although most dialysis tubin...

    Authors: Toshihide Naganuma, Yoshiaki Takemoto, Junji Uchida and Tatsuya Nakatani

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2018 4:47

    Published on:

  31. Content type: Case Report

    Vertebral arteriovenous fistula (AVF) is an uncommon vascular disorder and defined as abnormal connections of the extracranial vertebral artery or its branches into the neighboring vein or deep venous plexus. ...

    Authors: Kinuko Dote, Nobuyuki Takahashi, Tomoko Niki, Tomoya Ishiguro and Ichiro Shiojima

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2018 4:44

    Published on:

  32. Content type: Position statement

    The annual survey of The Japanese Society for Dialysis Therapy Renal Data Registry (JRDR) was conducted for 4396 dialysis facilities at the end of 2016, among which 4336 facilities (98.6%) responded. The response...

    Authors: Ikuto Masakane, Masatomo Taniguchi, Shigeru Nakai, Kenji Tsuchida, Atsushi Wada, Satoshi Ogata, Takeshi Hasegawa, Takayuki Hamano, Norio Hanafusa, Junichi Hoshino, Shunsuke Goto, Keiichi Yamamoto, Jun Minakuchi and Hidetomo Nakamoto

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2018 4:45

    Published on:

  33. Content type: Research

    Vascular access (VA) intervention therapy (VAIVT) has been increasingly used for treating VA failure (VAF) in patients undergoing hemodialysis; however, clinical evidence demonstrating the efficacy of preventi...

    Authors: Tomohito Mizuno, Motonobu Nakamura, Nobuhiko Satoh, Hiroyuki Tsukada, Akihiko Matsumoto, Yoshifumi Hamasaki, Haruki Kume and Masaomi Nangaku

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2018 4:43

    Published on:

  34. Content type: Research

    Intradialytic plasma volume change (IPVC) owing to ultrafiltration is a dominant cause of intradialytic hypotension (IDH). Lower occurrence of IDH in hemodiafiltration (HDF) than in standard hemodialysis (std-...

    Authors: Masayuki Tanemoto, Yu Ishimoto, Yukio Kosako and Yukio Okazaki

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2018 4:42

    Published on:

  35. Content type: Position statement

    A newspaper article in August 2016 reported that about 40 medical facilities refused dialysis to a human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) patient. Infection Survey Subcommittee in the Japanese Society for Dialysis...

    Authors: Ayumi Yoshifuji, Munekazu Ryuzaki, Yasuhiko Ito, Norio Ohmagari, Yoshihiko Kanno, Toshio Shinoda, Yaoko Takano, Isao Tsukamoto, Kazuhiko Hora, Yasushi Nakazawa, Naoki Hasegawa, Tadashi Yoshida, Shu Wakino, Yoshiaki Takemoto and Hidetomo Nakamoto

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2018 4:41

    Published on:

  36. Content type: Case Report

    Pleuroperitoneal leak is an uncommon but significant complication of peritoneal dialysis. Although the exact pathogenesis of pleuroperitoneal communication remains unclear, the pressure gradient between the th...

    Authors: Yoshihiko Fujino, Noritaka Kawada, Katsukiyo Ito, Hiroshi Katsura, Hajime Maeda, Kensuke Mitsumoto and Takashi Uzu

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2018 4:40

    Published on:

  37. Content type: Case Report

    High-dose methotrexate (HD-MTX) therapy has been used to treat a wide range of oncological malignancies. While the therapy can be tolerated with hydration, urine pH control, and leucovorin rescue therapy, HD-M...

    Authors: Mineaki Kitamura, Satoko Kitamura, Machiko Fujioka, Rena Kamijo, Shinya Sato, Yasushi Sawayama, Tadashi Uramatsu, Yoko Obata, Yasushi Mochizuki, Masaharu Nishikido, Hideki Sakai, Yasushi Miyazaki, Hiroshi Mukae and Tomoya Nishino

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2018 4:39

    Published on:

  38. Content type: Case Report

    Hypereosinophilic syndrome (HES) consists of a group of disorders characterized by abnormal accumulation of eosinophils in the blood or peripheral tissues, independent of known secondary causes of eosinophilia...

    Authors: Eri Amano, Taro Horino, Osamu Ichii, Satoshi Inotani, Tatsuki Matsumoto, Kazu Hamada-Ode, Yoshiko Shimamura, Kosuke Inoue and Yoshio Terada

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2018 4:38

    Published on:

  39. Content type: Research

    The definition and guideline of sepsis and septic shock were recently updated. The aim of this study is to evaluate the ability of Third Consensus Definitions of Sepsis and Septic Shock (Sepsis-3) to predict o...

    Authors: Maho Akiu, Tae Yamamoto, Mariko Miyazaki, Kimio Watanabe, Emi Fujikura, Masaaki Nakayama, Hiroshi Sato and Sadayoshi Ito

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2018 4:37

    Published on:

  40. Content type: Case Report

    Refeeding syndrome is a potentially fatal electrolyte shift in patients with rapid feeding after low-calorie intake. Although the key to diagnosing refeeding syndrome is hypophosphatemia after feeding, renal d...

    Authors: Yoshihisa Miyamoto, Yoshifumi Hamasaki, Akihiko Matsumoto, Kent Doi and Masaomi Nangaku

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2018 4:35

    Published on:

  41. Content type: Position Statement

    Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a syndrome which has a broad range of etiologic factors depending on different clinical settings. Because AKI has significant impacts on prognosis in any clinical settings, early d...

    Authors: Kent Doi, Osamu Nishida, Takashi Shigematsu, Tomohito Sadahiro, Noritomo Itami, Kunitoshi Iseki, Yukio Yuzawa, Hirokazu Okada, Daisuke Koya, Hideyasu Kiyomoto, Yugo Shibagaki, Kenichi Matsuda, Akihiko Kato, Terumasa Hayashi, Tomonari Ogawa, Tatsuo Tsukamoto…

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2018 4:36

    Published on:

  42. Content type: Research

    Decreased physical activity in hemodialysis (HD) patients causes various structural, metabolic, and functional abnormalities due to uremic changes in skeletal muscles. Electrical stimulation (ES) of the lower ...

    Authors: Misa Miura, Aki Hirayama, Shigeru Oowada, Akihito Nishida, Chie Saito, Kunihiro Yamagata, Osamu Ito, Yo Hirayama and Masahiro Kohzuki

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2018 4:33

    Published on:

  43. Content type: Research

    Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) membranes have the unique property of adsorption, which can remove medium- and large-weight molecular substances that cannot be removed by normal hemodialysis and hemodiafiltrati...

    Authors: Nobuko Uchiumi, Koji Sakuma, Sumihiko Sato, Yoshinaga Matsumoto, Hirotada Kobayashi, Koki Toriyabe, Katsumi Hayashi, Tadayuki Kawasaki, Takashi Watanabe, Ayumi Itohisa, Masanori Yokota, Katsumi Okazawa and Noriyoshi Murotani

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2018 4:32

    Published on:

  44. Content type: Research

    Historically, cellulose-based materials have been used for manufacturing hemodialysis membranes and remain to date as the commonly used materials. Though cellulose triacetate (CTA) membrane originally has a ho...

    Authors: Konomi Togo, Masahito Yamamoto, Motoyuki Imai, Keiichi Akiyama and Akihiro C. Yamashita

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2018 4:29

    Published on:

  45. Content type: Research

    Serum albumin is a marker of nourishment and inflammation. Although hypoalbuminemia in hemodialysis patients is reported as a risk factor for poor prognosis, few studies describe its effects on infectious dise...

    Authors: Shun Minatoguchi, Atsushi Nomura, Takahiro Imaizumi, Sho Sasaki, Takaya Ozeki, Daisuke Uchida, Hiroo Kawarazaki, Fumihiko Sasai, Keigo Tomita, Hideaki Shimizu and Yoshiro Fujita

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2018 4:30

    Published on:

  46. Content type: Research

    We investigated whether serum uric acid (SUA) levels before kidney transplantation predict new-onset diabetes after kidney transplantation (NODAT) and compared SUA levels with known risk factors for NODAT by p...

    Authors: Kentaro Tanaka, Ken Sakai, Akifumi Kushiyama, Shigeko Hara, Masakazu Hattori, Yasushi Ohashi, Masaki Muramatsu, Takeshi Kawamura, Seiichiro Shishido and Atsushi Aikawa

    Citation: Renal Replacement Therapy 2018 4:28

    Published on:

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