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Table 2 Definition and classification of eosinophilia [1,2,3] and hypereosinophilic syndrome (HES) [7]

From: Hypereosinophilic syndrome manifested as eosinophilic gastroenteritis and colitis in a patient undergoing hemodialysis

Definition of eosinophilia
 • % eosinophils in the peripheral blood: 3–5%
 • AEC: 350–500/μL
Classification of the severity of eosinophilia
 • Mild AEC: upper limit of normal to 1500/μL
 • Moderate AEC: 1500–5000/μL
 • Severe AEC: > 5000/μL
Definition of HES
 • AEC: ≥ 1500/μL
 • Clinical manifestations attributable to eosinophilia or tissue HE with blood eosinophilia
Classification of HES
 • Myeloproliferative HE/HES (M-HE/M-HES)
 • Lymphocytic variant HE/HES (L-HE/L-HES)
 • Overlap HES
 • Associated HE/HES
 • Familial HE/HES
  1. AEC absolute eosinophil count, HE hypereosinophilia