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Table 3 Treatment conditions used to calculate the time courses of β2MG concentration using a three-compartment model

From: Squared frequency-Kt/V: a new index of hemodialysis adequacy—correlation with solute concentrations by computer simulation

Clearance of β2MG, Kβ 40, 60, 80 [mL/min]
Non-renal clearance, Knr 2.82 [mL/min]
Renal clearance, Kr 0 [mL/min]
Intercompartmental clearance, K12 75 [mL/min]
Intercompartmental clearance, K13 28.8 [mL/min]
Endogenous production rate, Gβ 0.159 [mg/min]
Fluid volume before the start of dialysis, V 36,000 [mL]
Volume of compartment 1 per body weight 53 [mL/kg]
Volume of compartment 2 per body weight 39 [mL/kg]
Volume of compartment 3 per body weight 109 [mL/kg]