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Table 3 Correlation and concordance correlation coefficients between body weight and fluid volume change before and after hemodialysis session in the data for evaluation

From: Novel equations for bioimpedance spectroscopy to calculate body fluid volume based on the agreement between body weight and extracellular water change before and after hemodialysis as a guide

  1.02 × ΔECW   1.02 × ΔTBW  
ρ R ρ R
MLT 0.411 0.769 0.373 0.764
Moissl 0.815 0.832 0.414 0.517
Novel 0.898 0.910 0.597 0.675
  1. ΔECW extracellular water change, ΔTBW total body water change; ρ concordance correlation, R Pearson’s correlation