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Table 2 Review of literature for iliopsoas hematoma in chronic hemodialysis patients

From: Spontaneous iliopsoas muscle hematoma secondary to disseminated intravascular coagulation caused by nafamostat mesilate allergy: a case study

No. Author Years Country Age Sex Etiology of ESRD Time on dialysis Antiplatelets Anticoagulants Laterality Treatment Outcome Reference
1 Delorme MA 1993 Canada 68 M CGN 6 years None None ND ND ND [5]
2 Inoue T 2001 Japan 76 F ND ND ND ND L Conservative Death [6]
3 Halak M 2001 Israel 72 F ND ND None Heparin L Endovascular Tx Survival [7]
4 Malek-Marín T 2010 Spain 76 M ADPKD 18 years None Warfarin R Conservative Survival [8]
5 Fan WX 2012 China 67 F DMN 2 weeks Ozagrel Heparin L Conservative Survival [11]
6 Li J 2016 Hong Kong 72 M ND 5 years Aspirin, clopidogrel LMWH R Endovascular Tx Survival [9]
7 Hwang NK 2017 Korea 43 M ND ND ND Heparin L Endovascular Tx Survival [10]
8 69 F ND ND Aspirin, clopidogrel Heparin L Endovascular Tx Death
9 48 M ND 4 months Aspirin, clopidogrel, pletaal LMWH R Endovascular Tx Survival
  1. ESRD end-stage renal disease, ND not documented, L left, R right, CGN chronic glomerulonephritis, Tx treatment, ADPKD autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease, LMWH low molecular weight heparin