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Table 3 Complement abnormalities in aHUS

From: Plasma exchange for thrombotic microangiopathy secondary to dermatomyositis associated with acute kidney injury and complement activation: a case report with literature review

Form of aHUSComplement abnormalities
FamilialMutations in factor H, 40–45%
 In factor I, 5–10%
 In C3, 8–10%
 In membrane cofactor protein, 7–15%
 In thrombomodulin, 9%
 In factor B, 1–2%
SporadicMutations in factor H, 15–20%
 In factor I, 3–6%
 In C3, 4–6%
 In membrane cofactor protein, 6–10%
 In thrombomodulin, 2%
 In factor B, 2 cases
Anti-Factor H antibodies, 6–10%