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Table 3 Correlation between blood pressure response during HD and exercise tolerance or cardiac function

From: Relationship between blood pressure response during hemodialysis and exercise tolerance or heart rate recovery measured using cardio-pulmonary exercise testing in maintenance hemodialysis patients

SBPavpNumber of hypotension (SBP < 100 mmHg)p
Age− 0.39n.s.0.14n.s.
BMI0.13n.s.− 0.1n.s.
BW gain of HD interval0.35n.s.0.3n.s.
Fluid removal− 0.24n.s.0.29n.s.
Ultrafiltration rate− 0.23n.s.− 0.2n.s.
Total protein0.90n.s.0.32n.s.
Albumin0.33n.s.− 0.90n.s.
VO2AT0.22n.s.− 0.40n.s.
LoadAT0.46< 0.05− 0.22n.s.
VO2peak0.17n.s.− 0.27n.s.
Loadpeak0.43< 0.05− 0.22n.s.
HRR0.390.06− 0.44< 0.05
  1. SBPav average systolic blood pressure over 6 times HD session, AT anaerobic exercise threshold, HRR heart rate recovery, EF ejection fraction, LVDs, left ventricular end-systolic dimension, LVDd left ventricular end-diastolic dimension