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Table 3 Summary of two patients

From: Development of acute kidney injury with massive granular casts and microscopic hematuria in patients with COVID-19: two case presentations with literature review

  Patient 1 Patient 2
Clinical characteristics
 Age, year 77 45
 Sex Female Male
 Hypertension None None
 Diabetes None None
 Chronic kidney disease None None
 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease None None
 Days from illness onset to admission, day 8 10
Data of AKI
 Days from illness onset to AKI stage 3 onset, day 23 20
 Urine protein at onset of AKI stage 3 +/− 3+
 Urine RBC at onset of AKI stage 3, /HPF 30–49 > 50
 Urine granular cast 4+ 5+
Respiratory status
 Days from illness onset to MV start, day 12 10
 Duration of MV, day 40 9
  1. AKI Acute kidney injury, RBC Red blood cell, HPF High-power field, RRT Renal replacement therapy, MV Mechanical ventilation