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Table 2 Adverse events with each DFPP modality

From: Novel double-filtration plasmapheresis preserves fibrinogen while removing immunoglobulin-G antibodies before ABO blood type-incompatible kidney transplantation

  cDFPP (n = 23) nDFPP (n = 12) p value
Hypotension 0/23 0/12 n.s.#
Nausea and /or vomit 0/23 1/12 (8.3%) n.s.#
Hemostasis prolongation of AVF after DFPP session 18/18 (100%)$ 1/9 (11.1%)$ < 0.0001#
  1. #: chi-squared test, $: Hemostasis prolongation was defined as hemostasis of the AVF over 20 min in patients who had an AVF for hemodialysis, and the incidence was calculated in those who had an AVF for hemodialysis at the time of the DFPP session
  2. AVF Arteriovenous fistula, cDFPP conventional double-filtration plasmapheresis, nDFPP novel DFPP