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Table 3 Comparison of present case with previously reported viral pericarditis in patients on dialysis

From: Pericardial effusion caused by viral pericarditis in a patient receiving peritoneal dialysis

References Year Sex Age RRT Cause of ESKD Duration of dialysis Viral infection Therapy Clinical outcome
[13] 1970 M 33 HD CGN about 84 months Coxsackievirus B Converted to peritoneal dialysis Recovered
[14] 1979 M 51 HD DGN about 36 months Influenza virus A Partial pericardiectomy Recovered
[14] 1979 M 68 HD NS about 60 months Influenza virus A Continue to hemodialysis (from two to three times a week) Recovered
[14] 1979 M 41 HD MNS About 84 months Influenza virus A Partial pericardiectomy Recovered
[14] 1979 M 42 HD CGN About 108 months Coxsackievirus B Continue to hemodialysis, pericardiocentesis Recovered
The present case 2016 M 59 PD Unknown About 26 months Adenovirus type 2 Continue to peritoneal dialysis Recovered
  1. M, male; RRT, renal replacement therapy; ESKD, end stage kidney disease; HD, hemodialysis; PD, peritoneal dialysis; CGN, chronic glomerulonephritis; NS, nephrosclerosis; DGN, diabetic glomerulosclerosis; MNS, malignant nephrosclerosis;