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Many thanks to all those who reviewed for Renal Replacement Therapy in 2016

The Editors and staff of Renal Replacement Therapy would like to warmly thank the reviewers whose comments helped to shape the journal, for their invaluable assistance with review of manuscripts in Volume 2 (2016).

Akihiko Kato, Japan

Minoru Takemoto, Japan

Chieko Higuchi, Japan

Misaki Moriishi, Japan

Daiji Kawanami, Japan

Naoki Washida, Japan

Daijo Inaguma, Japan

Nobuhiko Joki, Japan

Fumihiko Koiwa, Japan

Nobuhito Hirawa, Japan

Hajime Nakae, Japan

Norio Hanafusa, Japan

Hideki Yokoi, Japan

Noritaka Kawada, Japan

Hideki Kawanishi, Japan

Noritomo Itami, Japan

Hideo Yasuda, Japan

Ryouichi Ando, Japan

Hidetomo Nakamoto, Japan

Shigeo Negi, Japan

Hiroaki Ogata, Japan

Shigeru Shibata, Japan

Hirokazu Honda, Japan

Shinichi Nishi, Japan

Hirokazu Okada, Japan

Shinya Kawamoto, Japan

Hiroyasu Yamamoto, Japan

Shuichi Tsuruoka, Japan

Hiroyuki Terawaki, Japan

Shuzo Kobayashi, Japan

Hitoshi Kato, Japan

Suguru Yamamoto, Japan

Hitoshi Sugiyama, Japan

Sumi Hidaka, Japan

Ichiei Narita, Japan

Tadashi Tomo, Japan

Ikuto Masakane, Japan

Tadashi Sofue, Japan

Jun Minakuchi, Japan

Takahiro Kuragano, Japan

Junichiro Kazama, Japan

Takahiro Kanai, Japan

Kan Kikuchi, Japan

Takashi Wada, Japan

Kazo Kaizu, Japan

Takashi Yagisawa, Japan

Kazuhiko Tsuruya, Japan

Takashi Sonoki, Japan

Kei Fukami, Japan

Takaya Abe, Japan

Keizo Kanasaki, Japan

Takeshi Nakanishi, Japan

Ken Sakai, Japan

Takuzo Hano, Japan

Ken Tsuchiya,, Japan

Taro Horino, Japan

Kenichi Kokubo, Japan

Tatsuo Tsukamoto, Japan

Ken-Ichi Miyamoto, Japan

Terumasa Hayashi, Japan

Kenji Tsuchida, Japan

Tetsuo Shoji, Japan

Kent Doi, Japan

Tetsuya Ogawa, Japan

Koichi Hayashi, Japan

Tomohiro Shoshihara, Japan

Koji Ichihara, Japan

Tomonari Ogawa, Japan

Kosuke Masutani, Japan

Toru Hyodo, Japan

Makoto Fukuda, Japan

Toshimi Michigami, Japan

Masaaki Nakayama, Japan

Toshiyuki Komiya, Japan

Masahiro Kohzuki, Japan

Toshiyuki Nakao, Japan

Masaki Ohya, Japan

Yasuhiko Ito, Japan

Masanobu Miyazaki, Japan

Yasuhiro Komatsu, Japan

Masanori Abe, Japan

Yoshihiko Kanno, Japan

Masashi Mukoyama, Japan

Yoshihiro Taniyama, Japan

Masashi Mizuno, Japan

Yoshitaka Isaka, Japan

Masataka Banshodani, Japan

Yuki Tsuruta, Japan

Masato Ikeda, Japan

Yukiko Hasuike, Japan

Masaya Yamato, Japan

Yukio Maruyama, Japan

Michio Mineshima, Japan

Yukio Yuzawa, Japan

Minako Wakasugi, Japan

Yusuke Suzuki, Japan

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    45 days to first decision for reviewed manuscripts only
    45 days to first decision for all manuscripts
    128 days from submission to acceptance
    27 days from acceptance to publication

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